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    SamBEAR (Samoyed Breeders, Ethical and Responsible)was created for the benefit of the public looking to purchase a quality Samoyed dog.

    For the individual breeders safety (and the safety of their dogs) street addresses will NOT be listed.

    Web sites will be listed if they meet the following requirements:

    1. The primary purpose of the site must be to educate the public about your dogs. If the site appears to be used primarily to sell puppies, it will not be listed.

    2. Payment options must not be displayed on the website. In other words if I see the words "Credit Cards accepted" or anything similar, your site will not be listed.

    3. You must display a link back to the SamBEAR Breeder Referral Site.

    4. The decision on whether or not to list a particular breeder is up to the owner of SamBEAR If multiple written complaints are received regarding any listing, and the owner of SamBEAR believes those complaints to be based in fact and that the breeder in question is not breeding with an ultimate purpose of bettering the breed, the listing.

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  • AKC (US) Samoyed Standard
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